Call To Arms: Freelance Contributors Wanted In Our Team

Call To Arms: Freelance Contributors Wanted In Our Team


August 21, 2017

The Attic is expanding its team and is seeking for freelance contributors to help build the second version of our online magazine, an ambitious project to come this late Autumn.

We are undertaking a major restructuring of the website, in order to pursuit the next level of online publishing. The new direction will be to focus more on analysis and investigating the impact that music from all over the world has upon various social backgrounds and art forms.

We are seeking for talented music editors, researchers, writers, anthropologists, artists, journalists, musicologists, music curators, event planners and organizers, PRs, graphic designers, fundraisers, cultural appropriators, musicians, video or audio producers, festival goers.

We have one rule: question everything you knew before. If you care about substantial content, if you share a strong passion and curiosity for words and sounds from all over the world, if you have an opinion about the world we live in, if you love music as much as we do and if you'd like to get involved in this new ambitious project, please feel free to write us an email at getintouch(at)the-attic(dot)net.

The magazine narrates empirical listening experiences from different collaborators, through reports, features and interviews with various artists, DJs, composers and ensembles, music reviews and audio podcasts. The music approach has no typical boundaries of genre, style, time or space, but admits its importance and relevance. We believe that music is a very powerful medium which should unite people. We question everything and try to pursuit the essence of what we believe is good, timeless and continues to resonate regardless of its release date. Because music matters.

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