Henning Baer debut album on his MANHIGH imprint

Henning Baer debut album on his MANHIGH imprint


September 13, 2017

Henning Baer releases his debut album Shatterproof on his own MANHIGH imprint, the 11-track exploration presents his unified vision in extended format and is out November 13th.

The respected DJ and head of Grounded Theory launched MANHIGH in 2016 as a venue for his own self-expression of modern dance music. He has invited like-minded artists to release on the label such as Matrixmann and Desroi together with remixes from Blawan, Kangding Ray, Phase Fatale and Goner.

With Baer’s discography already covering some of techno’s most admired labels such as Adam X’s Sonic Groove and his own K209, he continues his trajectory with Shatterproof illustrating his mastery of dark minimalism with its corroded textures and decaying reverb.

A1 / 1. Angel Dust
A2 / 2. Bliss
A3 / 3. Critical Distance
B1 / 4. Magnetic
B2 / 5. Never Ending
B3 / 6. MIL - STD 461
C1 / 7. Code Buster
C2 / 8. Drama Sky
D1 / 9. All Over
D2 / 10. Burning Chrome
D3 / 11. Vermillion Red

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