Tünay Akdeniz - The Godfather of Turkish Punk


November 14, 2017

Ironhand Records presents one of the greatest legends of Turkish rock music, Tünay Akdeniz. The album, mixed and remastered from the original master tapes in Germany, contains all songs from 1975-1978, two surprises as hidden tracks and a 4-page insert in English and Turkish with many photos.

Tünay Akdeniz was quite a figure in 70’s music scene in Turkey with mocking lyrics, punk-rock image and bad boy attitude. He had once used giblets for accessory in a photo session, had sued state television for not airing his music, used the title “punk-rock” first time in Turkey and had earned the title “big rocker” as he made cassette copies of hard ’n’ heavy albums for younger generation who lack resources to find originals with mail order for years.

A1 - Salak
A2 - Babam Yazdı Ben Besteledim İşte Aşkın Tarifi
A3 - Niçin Seni Seviyorum
A4 - Eskidenmiş
A5 - Mesela Mesele
A6 - Dişi Denen Canlı
A7 - Kadir Mevlam
B1 - Salak (Instrumental)
B2 - Babam Yazdı Ben Besteledim İşte Aşkın Tarifi (Instrumental)
B3 - Niçin Seni Seviyorum (Instrumental)
B4 - Eskidenmiş (Instrumental)
B5 - Mesela Mesele (Instrumental)
B6 - Dişi Denen Canlı (Instrumental)
B7 - Dişi Denen İnsan

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