A Guide to Dekmantel Festival 2018

A Guide to Dekmantel Festival 2018

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Gabriel Leașcu


July 30, 2018

1. Dekmantel 2018

It is quite relieving to see that Dekmantel, one of the most important electronic music festivals in the world, takes an obvious turn towards a more eclectic, under the radar scene. Like the fact that they added a second UFO stage focused on more experimental acts from highly talented artists like Toulouse Lowtrax and the Dutch underground prodigy Gesloten Cirkel; or the booking of Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force, an incredible Senegalese mbalax band, both polished and enriched by Ernestus, who discovered them years ago.

Another act that surprises us in the most pleasant way is the cult, Romanian outernational-rave duo and our friends and collaborators, Khidja, who will play a live set. The A.R.E. PROJECT featuring Chicago’s Hieroglyphic Being, Shabaka Hutchings on percussion and Sarathy Korwar on saxophone, a project combining avant garde, eastern influenced free jazz and electronics is yet another beautiful surprise that for us represents one of the highlights of the whole festival. Unfortunately at the same time at the Muziekgebouw there is a concert with the Zambian garage, psych, prog, funk, Afro-rock ensemble from the 70s, WITCH, an act which would be a pity to miss.

Besides this, there’s a huge list of amazing diggers and selectors such as Lena Willikens, Phuong Dan, Donato Dozzy, Jasss and many more.

There are 5 days of music, lectures and screenings starting from Wednesday 1st of August with a monster Tangerine Dream concert followed by a live set by Four Tet. Unfortunately the opening night was fully booked for months in advance so we’re not going to be able to attend but if you’re lucky enough to get in, it will surely be a fantastic starter to a massive, quality-oriented music festival.

2. 10 Acts Not To Be Missed

For those of you who will start the festival on Thursday, we made up a list of 10 successive acts that we are going to see and strongly recommend you do the same.

1. A.R.E. Project - Shabaka Hutchings, Hieroglyphic Being & Sarathy Korwar - August 2 (19:30 to 20:30) at Tolhuistuin

2. Khidja (live) - August 2 (22:30 to 23:30) at Muziekgebouw Aan'T IJ small room

3. James Holden & The Animal Spirits - August 2 (01:30 to 02:30), at Muziekgebouw Aan'T IJ big room

4. Opening Show with Orpehu The Wizard, Jasmin, Lien & DJ Soulseek - August 3 (13:00 to 15:00) at Amsterdamse Bos, Red Light Radio

5. Samuel Kerridge (live) - August 3 (18:30 to 19:30) at Amsterdamse Bos, UFO II

6. Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force (live) - August 4 (19:00 to 20:00), at Amsterdamse Bos, Greenhouse

7. The Advent (90s electro live set) - August 4 (20:00 to 21:00) at Amsterdamse Bos, UFO II

8. Tolouse Low Trax (live) - August 5 (15:00 to 16:00) at Amsterdamse Bos, UFO II

9. The Bug feat. Miss Red (live) - August 5 (17:30 to 18:30), at Amsterdamse Bos, Greenhouse

10. Gesloten Cirkel (live) - August 5 (20:30 to 21: 30), at Amsterdamse Bos, UFO II

For more information on tickets, line up and venues, check out the Dekmantel website.

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