Judy Nylon and Crucial - Pal Judy

Judy Nylon and Crucial - Pal Judy

Verdict: 4/5

On U Sound


L.P. 16



Written By

Dragos Rusu


February 3, 2014

When I got into Brian’s apartment I was all wet. It was raining massive and I ran there, I think I even lost my tobacco bag on the road. Damn. Anyway, so I got into his apartment, and I could see him lying down on some comfortable pillows, with his right feet suspended.

Judy Nylon just enters the room, she’s very fast, and her moves exhilarate the atmosphere inside Brian’s house. She carries a record with her, that she will play in the next five to ten minutes.

- What’s up Brian? How do you feel today?
- Well, as usual, just losing my time here. Too bad I can’t move.
- I was thinking about what you told me the other day, that you don’t really appreciate the importance of your body until you stop using it.
- That’s right Jude; look at the weather outside, this is like a jailhouse rock trying to stick into a room without view.
- I got you a little present. But you gonna have to close your eyes and trust me, on this one.
- OK.

Judy plays the record. It’s music played on a harp, one of the warmest instruments that you can play on.

- The harp is divine.
- Indeed.
- It’s closest to paroxysm.
- Yeah, close, but still not there.
- Yeah, you never get there.
- Or you get there a lot of times, but you don’t know it yet.
- True.
- Listen to the rain outside; it works so nice with the harp’s sweet sound.
- Turn down the volume.
- Down.
- How much?
- A little bit.
- That much?
- Mmm... not yet.
- Now?
- You are close. A little bit lower.
- Come on. What about now?
- Yes!
- (-)
- This is amazing! The ambiance on this one is so perfect. Do I have any tea left? Can you please go and check for some tea, in the kitchen?
- Sure.

This was the start of Brian Eno’s ambient music. I am going in the kitchen, making some tea and then coming back with the cups, pouring tea into their cups and into mine, as well. While I am enjoying my tea, the density of the sound starts to grow. More and more. As I lie down and enjoy the ambiance, I feel like I’m a wave that strongly hits the rocks on a Thursday afternoon, when I had too much tea.

This is a fragment. I should reconsider. Meanwhile...


1. Information Rain
2. Dateline Miami
3. Live In A Lift
4. Jailhouse Rock
5. Trial By Fire
6. Sleepless Night
7. Others
8. The Dice
9. Room Without A View

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