Ron Morelli - SPIT

Ron Morelli - SPIT

Verdict: 2/5

Hospital Productions




November 2013

Written By

Dragos Rusu


February 3, 2014

Ron Morelli seems to be that kind of guy that can’t lie; at least musically. Don’t know what the hell was he thinking when planning to create this so called album, but after a few listens, the LP still doesn’t seem to be finished. I assume this is how it feels like for two rabbits that didn’t end their copulation ritual, because some bastard shot the male rabbit.

''SPIT'' is the soundtrack of a recent very weird dream I had. I mean, it’s the perfect soundtrack. It’s so dark and tense, hypnotic and rough, terrifying and ironically intimidating the sober ears, that I have to mention it on that stupid list of top 10 weird stuff I heard lately. The jagged industrial sound reminds me a little bit of the new album from Esplendor Geometrico (called 'Ultraphoon' and released on their own imprint Geometrik Records), even though Morelli focused more on making it sound like this on purpose. There are a few tracks that can be played out, but most of them are so schizophrenic that can only be heard under a specific ritual, with people gathered under wild palm trees and meditating at the essential concept of the loop, the quintessence of contemporary electronic music.

Yes, the dream. I was in my car with my girlfriend, driving through the mountains. The weather was nice, the vibe was good, and I think we were having fun. At some point I stopped on the roadside for a little break. I’m not such an experienced driver, and after a few hundred kilometers of non-stop driving through crazy roads, I get in a mental trance (not the one Paul van Dyk was doing), so I have to relax a little bit. Have a coke man, you might say. Well, maybe I will have. Maybe I will. Back to the dream, as I was lying in my super galactic driver chair, I could see a car coming, slowly approaching our car. The car was pushing a body that was lying over a cardboard plate, rubbing the asphalt. It was coming slowly with the body in front, descending very precisely. I don’t know if the body was dead or still alive, but from that distance I couldn’t tell if he’s moving on his own will, or only the iron bars from the car move him. After a few moments, when the car was 20 meters away from us, the driver gets out of the car, goes in front of it, passing by the fellow he was pushing for a while. The driver stares at the body for a few intense moments and all of a sudden falls on the back like dead, hitting the tar with his head. What a morbid and nonsense situation. In a few minutes an ambulance arrives and takes both of the bodies, and that is the moment when I woke up. I wasn’t taking part in the actions, I was only observing from my car. ‘I should stop eating rice after 12 AM, I said to myself in the morning, when I woke up, trying to figure out what the hell was with that weird dream.

Back to this album, if I would have to choose some favorites, ''Fake Rush'' and ''Crack Microbes'' might be two wise choices. Don’t waste your time to understand some mysterious or hidden meaning of this album like I did, because there is none. Just hammering industrial nightmare grooves, fat, superficial, non-pretentious and straight in your face noise. Oh brother, where music though?


A1 - Radar Version
A2 - Modern Paranoia
A3 - Crack Microbes
A4 - Sledgehammer II
B1 - Fake Rush
B2 - Director Of...
B3 - No Real Reason
B4 - Slow Drown

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