Fishermen - Patterns & Paths

Fishermen - Patterns & Paths

Verdict: 4/5

Skudge White




December 2013

Written By

Anton Overlay


February 3, 2014

Skudge’s side project consisting in Martin Skogehall and Thomas Jaldemark made its debut last year on Skudge White platform, also home of other techno-ish music projects such as Innerspace Halflife, Daniel Koehler and Smell The Flesh. The Swedish duo delivers an incredible 11 pieces journey through rough but subtle techno grooves, post apocalyptic bass lines with neat percussions and a generally dark atmosphere throughout the entire album.

An enthusiastic, optimist and unlocked guy like you could feel that there’s a very discrete recipe of success on each of the materials Skudge released in the past few years. There has to be something out there, you can feel it, right? This super group just can’t stop delivering great stuff; whether it is tunnel-techno that drives you crazy on the dance floor, or more meditative dusky whirs, hidden inside their music.

Too bad some of the songs are so short, but still, this record is a great fisherman catch!


A1. Greenhorn
A2. Hope Is Gone
A3. Serpents
B1. Get None
B2. Dyspnea
B3. Lost Teeth
C1. The Four Skulls
C2. Rise
C3. Scurvy
D1. In Solitude
D2. Sunken Mosque
D3. Torments

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