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Factory Floor - Factory Floor

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September 2013

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Dragos Rusu


March 17, 2014

It took a few years and a bunch of good releases for the British Factory Floor to release their debut album. The band forges into the minds of the listeners with a slight industrial-acid-krautrock touch, and rigorous but hypnotic techno rhythm patterns.

Factory Floor originally comprised Gabriel Gurnsey and Mark Harris, who were then joined by Dominic Butler. When Mark Harris left later after the band has formed, they were joined by Nik Colk (aka Nik Colk Void), a former member of the English indie rock band KaitO. Gurnsey plays drums and drum machines, Butler plays modular synths and electronics and Colk adds manipulated vocals, guitar and samples.

If you didn’t catch them live, you don’t know what a hell of a show you missed. And with this eponymous debut album out on DFA, they are rocking even more, paying homage to the classic industrial and rough vibe that’s been missing for a while from the dancefloor. Yes, this album is totally made for the dance-floor. It is only a matter of seconds to realize that, after playing the opening track ”Turn it Up”, a techno gem that’s been already causing havoc on the loud speakers from places blessed with this sound. ”Here Again” keeps the party alive and it’s making it even spicier, molesting the dusty drum machines for an uncompromising uplifting space session. ”Fall Back”, ”How You Say” and the single album ”Two Different Ways” are all clear proof of great energy emulated throughout the album. Beat it, sir!

As Nik Void stated in an interview from summer 2013, ”I think it's a really good album to listen to if you're not consciously focusing on it. I was driving to London yesterday and I had it on. I listened to it five times! And it was fantastic to drive to. You can do your day-to-day thing to it because it's got that space that allows you to do that, oddly enough. The best way is to listen to it loud, because otherwise you'll miss those subtleties… those subtle but significant changes… they're really minute, and if you miss that one change, you might think you'd be listening to the same ARP all the way through.”

”The sonic experience of a free party, especially because of the amount of Class-A drugs you've done, that totally opens up the way you absorb music – it's a really primitive experience. A 303 being blasted through a huge PA has a massive effect. At the time when I was off my head I can remember thinking, if you could stick a microphone inside the human body this is what it would sound like. The pulsing and the blood rushing round, the squelching – it's so organic sounding”, Dominic Butler says in another interview from around the same time.


1. Turn It Up
2. Here Again
3. One
4. Fall Back
5. Two
6. How You Say
7. Two Different Ways
8. Three
9. Work Out
10. Breathe In

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