Travis Laplante & Peter Evans - Secret Meeting

Travis Laplante & Peter Evans - Secret Meeting

Verdict: 3/5

NNA Tapes



February 6, 2016

Written By

Beatrice Sommer


January 19, 2016

NNA Tapes is releasing the collaborative work of trumpet player, and improviser/composer Peter Evans and saxophonist, composer, and qigong healer, Travis Laplante.

The 4 track album is entitled 'Secret Meeting' and starts off with over 17 minutes long piece 'After The End'. From beginning to end, this track emulate the feeling of a last breath battle between two opponents whose purpose is to push continuity further, under the threat of a brusque culmination.

'Nothing Is What It Seems' begins with sharp sounds, like arrows flying past one's ears and follows a melancholic, almost grieving saxophone joined with the same approach by the trumpet in the final part.

'Secret Meeting' uses suspense to entice the listener and leads the listener into tension. 'Sand' closes up the album in drama fashion, as if the secret meeting has to finally come to a ''goodbye''.

Encompassing a vast array of sounds and an umbilical cord-like connection, Secret Meeting embodies profound exhaustion in one moment, as though the players' collective weariness might altogether slump them over, and manages unparalleled vitality and vigor in the next. Through all of these sonic undulations, Evans and Laplante place the listener within a visceral, symbiotic torrent of beauty.


01. After the End
02. Nothing is what it seems
03. Secret Meeting
04. Sand

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