Samuel Kerridge - Fatal Light Attraction

Samuel Kerridge - Fatal Light Attraction

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February 5, 2016

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Beatrice Sommer


February 12, 2016

Samuel Kerridge returns to Regis' Downwards label with ''Fatal Light Attraction". All tracks are written and performed by Samuel Kerridge, with FLA·1 featuring HWK & Contort regular Plagium. Using original audio sources, the majority of FLA was recorded with custom built instruments and synthesizers.

The album is a bold fusion of harsh, distorted metallic textures and, following the path of his previous LP 'Always Offended Never Ashamed', prominent vocals manipulated to new extremes.

First track, 'FLA·1' instantly introduces the overall mood of the album with heavy beats and unintelligible vocals, creating an infinite distance from whatever would sound natural, but embracing the cold beauty of industrial environments. 'FLA·2' is a challenging club track, built on a static, brutal vibration. The electrifying glitched rhythm of 'FLA·3' are time stopping, while 'FLA·4' brings back a flowing sense of motion. 'FLA·5' stands out through gentle high frequencies. 'FLA·6' rapidly unleashes itself from a sharp beginning to a crowded sonic barbarity. The album ends with 'FLA·7' making a final statement of ruthlessness.

'Fatal Light Attraction' is a sound experience destined for large, industrial spaces and was premiered in one as such, at Kraftwerk Berlin during the 2015 edition of Berlin Atonal festival, where Samuel, working alongside Andrej Boleslavský and Mária Júdová, controlled a system of live coding that responded in real time to the audio source. A system of intense lighting that created a sense of motion acting as a counterpart to the sound, giving the illusion of a moving shadow.


A1. FLA·1
B1. FLA·2
B2. FLA·3
C1. FLA·4
C2. FLA·5
D1. FLA·6
D2. FLA·7

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