Modern Eleven - Under The Bright Light

Modern Eleven - Under The Bright Light

Verdict: 4/5

Annulled Music




March 2016

Written By

Beatrice Sommer


March 11, 2016

Annulled Music is starting a series of CD releases with Modern Eleven's 'Under The Bright Light' being the first one.

'With this album my purpose was to work on another side of my personality, the bright one, as everything is a question of duality in our third dimension. The idea behind this sonic trip was to catch our inhibited feelings in order to reveal our true essence. I tried to create a kind of space without matter, between light and obscurity, where our sight attempts to break down the chant of the spectral sound.'

Better known under his Coldgeist moniker, the French producer who founded Ritual Process is once again showing vision with this stunning album which, indeed, introduces us to a different approach on his artistic expression.

The tracks are harmoniously structured, built on sonic glisters, sometimes heavy rhythms and a lot of empty space in which all sounds unleash, echoing freely, constructing and deconstructing themselves into various arrangements of sheer intensity.

As they are taking turns shifting onto each other, these arrangements let, at times, earthly wind elements slip into the spectral ones, maintaining an image of inhaling and exhaling worlds.


1. Under the bright light
2. Hall of ice
3. Masked
4. An ethereal path
5. Seeing things
7. Shining
8. Submerged body
9. Shambhala

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