Mordan Jaikel - True History

Mordan Jaikel - True History

Verdict: 3.5/5

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January 5, 2017

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January 16, 2017

Question: What do you get when you take Sun City Girls, Ground Zero, The Gerogerigegege and The Residents, then mix them in a blender?

Answer: Mordan Jaikel's True History.

This is one outlandish release. What I'm guessing happened here was that a bunch of guys started messing around as a way of passing the time. The result of that was this bizarre little EP that I'd call a pretty fun way to begin the year.

It's an absolute burst of fun. If you could convert colorful, vulgar modern art to music, you'd get this EP. I have to say this is probably one of the more bemusing releases that I have given a listen to lately.

Not only is it entertaining, but also varied. Releases with short fun songs definitely don't always need to be multifarious. Some releases pull that style off rather well (ahem ahem Tokyo Anal Dynamite) but it does not need to be done all the time. Here, there is a load of different styles explored that let you know these guys know what they're doing.

I wouldn't call the music that original though. Now and then it appears that Mordan Jaikel got some recipes from the cookbooks of bands like the ones mentioned and added in their own secret spices to add to the flavor. While I find that they at times imitate, their imitations are solid ones that echo the artists of the past yet still manage to remain entertaining instead of merely derivative.

Since this release was given the title True History, perhaps the "true history" referred to in the name is a history of unusual and amusing music. Could it be a tribute to the eccentrics of the past? I would definitely not be surprised if it was. Of course, it's also very plausible that this release is really just a bunch of guys joking around. Even still their influences are shown through their jokes, which is not a bad thing since all great artists do it anyway.

In short, this is a fascinating and engaging release. Not once did I think "This is boring" in any way while listening to it. Though I didn't think "This is absolute genius" or anything like that either, I enjoyed this release a lot and would recommend this to anyone that wants 19 minutes of unsullied strange fun.


1. True History
2. Champion Of My World
3. Axl Rose's Reading Glasses
4. Copy My Face
5. I Suck My Boss's Pen
6. Luxury Train Of Love
7. Rings Of God
8. My Sax Is Your Sex
9. Eating Your Life
10. Vandals In The Rain
11. My Head Is Full Of Water
12. The Monster Of The Beautiful Village
13. Drugs In My Legs
14. Tubular Fish
15. Take My Hand And Open Your Mouth
16. Carnival Of Smartphones
17. Frank Sinatra Had A Lot Of Friends
18. Testimony On The Table
19. Dancing In The Pain
20. A Little Shit In Your Dress
21. Yes, It's Over

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