Teisco - Tuscan Castle And Country Seat

Teisco - Tuscan Castle And Country Seat

Verdict: 5/5

Roundtable/Votary/Dual Planet





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Andrei Crăciun


September 23, 2017

Studying composition under maestro A.R Luciani, the young Teisco, on his real name Marco Melchiore, composed in the late 70s some of the most innovative home studio recordings, contributing to the vast world of obscure library albums with one of the most mind-blowing albums I´ve heard lately.

Teisco parallels the outsider technique of French soundtrack composer Francois De Roubaix, while telling a very personal story through music. His music is fragile, resembling forgotten gems from an unknown yet somehow familiar past. Tuscan Castle and Country Seat was originally scored for a 1978 RAI television documentary and is considered one of the most outstanding albums coming from the fascinating world of Italian library music.

Opening up smoothly with the splendid psychedelic White Gladiator, definitely my favorite piece of the album, Tuscan Castle and Country Seat smoothly challenges the listener and requests total attention. There´s no jokes around; here´s some damn serious psychedelics and probably some of the best you will hear in a while. But this doesn't really come as a total surprise, since it´s a known fact that Italians contributed to the world of music with some of the most beautiful and relevant library music albums ever made.

Old Colous is a flows gently through haunting and melodramatic piano solos, while Green Water (Fly Leaf Above The Green Water) sets the mood and spices up the atmosphere. After the sci fi odisey evoked by Vision Of Shore, the closing track City Sound Perspective resembles of DIY guitar jamming in the spirit of Velvet Underground and Dream Syndicate, mixed with the electronics of some lesser-known Kraut band.

Best described by the Light in the Attic team as an future outsider classic, this album has it all: from truth to love, from past to future, from dispair to happiness and a different sense of beauty – truly recommended! Don´t sleep on this!


A1. White Gladiator
A2. Old Colours
B1. Green Water (Fly Leaf Above The Green Water)
B2. Tree To The Wind
B3. Vision Of Shore
B4. City Sound Perspective

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